Im A Loner

I spend more time alone aka also with my cat than I do with other people. I think Im a shy person but many of those who know me say Im a people person. I guess Im abit of both. I live in complex that is full of people who either drink, do drugs or self medicate themselves with precription drugs. I hardly drink, hardly take medication despite I have fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses. Im a volunteer cook for a clubhouse I belong too. The clubhouse is a place for those who have mental illness like I do. Ive tried getting along with a lot the members but ended up being talked about and back stabbed too many times. I go cook at least once a week. I go right to the kitchen and stay there till Im done and than back home. I dont want to put up their bull and games. Im happier at home on my computer, watching tv or working on a project and looking after myself and my cat.
bilow72 bilow72
41-45, F
Jul 14, 2011