All My Life.

Been alone most of my life, even if not physically alone I was always mentally alone,
My parents did things to me at home and denied them even as they just happened, and I was subjected to horrors that were so bad,
I only remember fragments of them, and I had to keep the secrets, and I always got in trouble in school for my inattention and "strange ways of always wanting to be alone" ..

so years later its the same story, I would rather be alone...
I sit at home and write obsessively in my journal, and talk to myself, and the people in my head.

Yes. there are people in my head.

NobodytoKnow NobodytoKnow
2 Responses Mar 19, 2012

Hi, Yes I understand about the people in your head and also understand why they there. You are not makeing them up they took alot of the abuse when you just couldn't anymore. Your life has made you seem strange to others who don't understand and maybe even strange to yourself as you struggle to understand the gaps in your life. You not mad. I hope your threapist understands about the mpd alot of them don't. If u need to talk I'm always here.

well, thats nice billy....<br />
how would you like this nice blue pill?<br />
nono... its candy..<br />
im kidding...<br />
i dont know what to say. thats really sucks :(

yup Ive taken most of the pills in the market probably.
and my therapist tells me she needs me to see her twice a week plus the psychiatrist. its alright, I know Im a mad hatter.

You are NOT a mad hatter! None of this is any of your fault. The fact that you are brave enough to seek help is amazing. I wish I could have looked for help when I was your are a very strong person and I admire this about you. Take care, Leena