I spend lots of time by myself. Not because I want to...but it seems to always happen that way. I work a grave yard shift so there's no one to talk to, call or text. my family is asleep. When I get home, everyone is waking up going to work or school, when I finally get up, I'm cleaning up the house mess no one wants to do, cook dinner then back to bed for a nap before work.
I have an insecure boyfriend, so friends are at a minimum. He thinks every man I talk to I'm cheating on him with so I minimize male contact to eleviate any problems that can arise from it. He never takes me to family functions with him. and I think I'm okay with that.
My family is too MESSED up to be around, so I stay away from them.
When trying to network out, I am embarrassed by the many issues I have that I quit trying to be around people after awhile.
It's lonely where I am and I hate it.
ymeagain ymeagain
46-50, F
May 6, 2012