Lonely Male Senior

although i,m a lonely male senior, i prefer to live a lone by my self. yes it gets very lonely at times but i can go uot to a resturant or show any time i want with out having to explain to an other person what i,m doing and why. sam
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Hi Sam,<br />
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I just read your profile and can agree that it's great to do what you want without being questioned. Yes, it gets lonely, but your freedom is what counts.<br />
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It is nice to know that you like nursing the breast. I like having that done to me. Most of the time it is difficult to find a person that wants to do that. It is so hush hush and looked upon as taboo. America needs to wake up and smell the roses. If every woman would open up to this, most men would not have as many illnesses, especially cancer, if they were breast fed. The vitamins produced in the milk have antibodies that fight against any unknown things in the body to produce healthy cells.<br />
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To prove what I am saying, anyone our age or older and some younger, have been breast fed and are healthier than most younger ones and living longer. Can you agree?<br />
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alone and lonely are two different things, you can live on your own and still have a social life