I Live In Las Vegas Yet, I Love Being Alone!

Before I turned 21 I use to use a fake ID and love to go to night clubs and bars. When I turned 21 I still went out but it wasn't as much as I did when I was 20. I got a new promotion at work and I soon moved out of my parents house. I moved in with friends and that went on for 6 months before I moved into my own apartment. I work graveyard so I deal with a lot of drunks and very rude people. I know i'm not better then anyone but I know when i'm out of line. I feel people in general have made me have no hope for civilization. Most are fake and will tell you or do what YOU want them to do in order to get something from you. This could be that i'm just a bitter 21 year old man who had the girl of his dreams just slip away due to the fact I work graveyard. For those who dont know working graveyard is a life changer. Your whole world is flipped upside down. Now your probably saying GET A NEW JOB! Sure you try making 12 hr plus $250-$300 A NIGHT IN TIPS! Either way people on vacation act comletely different in las vegas then they do home. Like having sex in the hotel pools, or leaving underwear in resturants, walking barefoot outside on the nasty sidewalks full of vermin, and the best sleeping in bars! All I do is go to work then go home sleep for a couple hours, then I go get something to eat (something different each day), then go back to work. I do have some friends who hit me up cause we knew each other for awhile but he owes me money that im never going to see. When we did hang out it would cost me to hang out with him. Either paying some of his meal, or taking him accross town. He never gave me gas money. It just got tiring and not worth my time. Dealing with people for 8 hrs is enough. I just rather be by myself the other 16 :).
hiphopdude hiphopdude
May 16, 2012