I'm Terrfied Of People And Suffer From Depression

i am only 20 yrs old but most of my life i have been by myself. i am completely terrified of social interaction. i find people VERY intimadating and scary
i have a few people in my life that make socializing alittle more tolerable but i tend to only hide behind them and observe while they talk and have fun.
im always worrying about what people will think about me. i dont want anyone to not like me, or make fun of me. but recently i have stopped hanging out at all i just don't want to even be around people.
most of the time i just sit in my room on my computer in the silence. i actually kinda like it though. after awhile you grow so comfortable with silence.
i constantly analyze myself (think about me good qualitys vs my bad ones) as well as everyone around me and i've discovered that i dont like auyone... at all, not even myself.
so why would i even want to try to socialize. just go about my life and only do what i need to in order to live and the only reason i say that is because i hate pain. whether it be inflicted on me or someone else i hate when auyone hurts for auy reason.
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1 Response May 21, 2012

I understand a lot of those feelings....my only advice is to try and find people that you trust. Then push your self slowly....I am willing to talk anytime btw

thank you for your advice ^_^ i am also here you ever want to talk! this has kinda become my new facebook so im on here alot :P