I spend alot of time by myself. not by choice.my family is not close, I dont have any female friends or a boyfriend. Its always been hard for me to make friends. I think people just dont like me. I can understand why though im not the most pleasant person to be around. I want to get out and meet new people but my anxiety in social situations is overwhelming. Sometimes i will go days without human interaction.well anyways im lonely and im bitching to whoever will care to read this.
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well sometimes you need to lower your expectations and be a little friendlier and learn to smile somehow so people will not think that your different and aloft....

wow i understand im a nice person and people be acting weird around me though. every job i had every school i went to people try to fight me even teachers i try to go to church for help but some of them start acting weird to i dont get it im not making this up even psychics tell me odd things when im just walking on the street. i think im in the twilight zone sometimes but i hold it together there is evil in this world that sometimes uses people. I put god first but sometimes things just dont make sense. imnot antii social either. i think you should read a bible not religious just to calm your mind i thought it was anxiety, i even thought i was shy but now i dont think thats what it was pray to god he will help you. dont beat yourself up you are ok.

Just make sure that YOU like YOU, and people will like you too. Don't think of it as bitching to whoever will read this, think of it as reaching out to readers who care about making sure that people care about themselves. Don't worry beautifulnightmare20, you're certainly not the only one who feels this way. It's really hard for me to care about anything other than how bad I look compared to the people I am surrounded by. It's tough. You just gotta try, and at the same time try not to care about the outcome.

I know exactly how you feel. My anxiety is ruining my life.

i completely understand. I don't really talked to anyone like I used to. Everyone that I worked with even the president of my native american tribe took my job away and landed me on unemployment status. I went to jail like 5 times in the past 9 months for fighting and drinking. I used to be such a nice guy and loved to write grants for my tribe. Now I would rather punch you in face than say "hello". I was put on probation until october, but for some strange reason the universe decided to stop ******** on me and my PO told me if I finished my community service she would release me. I still can't trust anyone. The person I was suppose to marry left me for the stupidest reason, and my own ******* president wrote letters to a university, that was conducting research who had chose me to head their dept, that I was unreliable. He said this so his ******* ***** of a wife could get the job. The requirements for this job was a degree in psychology which I have and his wife doesn't even have HS diploma. Well at least I'm off of probation.

you can start my loving yourself and ignore the irrational fears and thoughts you have about yourself. its not that no one like you, my opinion is probably that you dont like yourself.<br />
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its hard to get over anxiety but practice makes perfect! try meet up. com to find some activities you like, try doing cardio as it helps with stress, take your b vitamins, especially b12, try writing, keep yourself busy and remember you are not alone. there are sooo many people dealing with social anxiety. <br />
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and more than anything stop being so hard on yourself!

I'm right there with you. While I wouldn't say I'm unpleasant, I do experience a certain degree of anxiety in social situations. I've stayed in my apartment for weeks at time without any contact from people (excluding internet conversations or phone calls from family). Even now I'm on here, making this the reason I'm not going outside right now to go to the bank, the market... It's weird.