And I Don't Mind.

Not even a couples years ago I was out every weekend. I was always with friends hanging out and having a blast. My parents would have to beg for me to stay and be home with them. I know that once you get out of high school it changes a lot and it did for me. I wasn't with those friends, infact I only have a hand full that I actually keep in touch with. But I actually made a whole new group of friends right after that part of my life and I was still out all the time, in fact, more than I was during high school.

Something changed.... I don't know what exactly. I don't mind staying home and being with my family even when I had already spent the entire week with them already. I don't mind staying home, playing games, watching a movie, read a book or drawing.
I don't know if it's out of my system. I mean I still like going out but I just don't feel the need to be out every weekend.
I do wonder if it's just a phase but I guess I'll find out in time.
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Jun 26, 2012