Me,myself And I

i love spending time with myself...
going to the beach,sitting on the sand alone...
going to the movies or even having lunch all by myself..
i dont mind.i actually love it

i feel complete,i am free to do what i want and how i want it to be done..
i dont have to be worried about letting the other person down or thinking about a random statement or action made by the person that is with me that now hrt my feelings

i start to think about my llife and how i can get better.when im alone i feel so happy
jeano21 jeano21
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 4, 2012

Do you like sucking **** ?

I used to do lots of things by myself, going to movies, shopping, eating out. And since money is kind of tight, I don't go out as much to spend. But I do go places that aren't so expensive- like the library. I'll go to the library several times a week and find books to read. And get on the internet for an hour. When I'm up to it I'll go to the mall and look around or to the park.<br />
I think we have something in common. :)