Always By Myself

I spend most of the time by myself, I always tend to be alone.. sometimes i run conversations by myself ..also I think loudly, even some people witnessed me talking to myself in the street while i was walking.. sometimes i imagine specific people i run live conversation with them i am not sure if this normal or not it just happens to me ..

tamrhenna tamrhenna
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16 Responses Jun 21, 2008

You are not alone. I also do that.

Haha! Me too! As for our thoughts, I was told recently that 90% of your thoughts don't belong to you! Still trying to wrap my head a around that one!

Now these has really helped me a lot. I thought I was going bananas talking to myself 80% of the time.

The fact that you know you're talking to yourself means you're perfectly normal. Not recognising thoughts as your own is the problem!

im alone too and i like it that way. being alone is so much better than being with people. i talk to myself too and with fake people. i say what i want to them when im alone adn when i meet them im fine. its normal? i guess

I spend a lot of time by myself & talk to myself it is normal

I think it's pretty normal. Sometimes when I'm alone or when I have no one to talk to I hold conversations with myself. It's oddly calming to hear my voice. lol

I'm by myself a lot too, sadly. I don't really talk to myself unless I'm thinking out loud. Especially infront of the bathroom mirror! I think I do most of the self-talking then. So yeah its totally normal lol.

It's perfectly normal. I talk to myself.

yeah it is normal , picturing the egyptian life makes a normal humanbeing going nutty.

I think the answers show your question has helped us feel quite normal. I quite like talking to myself because there is just never an argument.

I spend 90% of my life alone. I've been doing exactly the same thing for years. For a while I tried to stop talking to myself. It was hard. It's like I need to think aloud in order to really concentrate on something. I wrote a story about this in 'I talk to Myself' group.

it is normal and you keep your mind work .... some people who always alone and they don't talk , so after a while they get lack of confidence when they talk .... it is the same with me when I try to talk in English , I must run many conversations by myself .lol.

I'm happy that you talk to yourself, I'm sorry you're always alone, but I feel much better knowing I'm not the only one who does that. Sometimes I have to remember to stop moving my mouth when I'm in public because i'll be carrying on a conversation idly and start getting looks. :)

Thought I was the only person (adult, not child) that held conversations with no one. I think b/c I spend so much time alone speaking to myself has just become the norm for me. At least I'm not totally alone in that.

I think it's normal when you are often alone... :)