Alone With My Thoughts

I sometimes have moments where I'm usually by myself. Its when I can focus on writing my experiences here and gather my thoughts away from the drama, noise, and distractions. Even if I'm surrounded by people, I'm usually zoned out. It came from my years in homeschool where it was just me. My parents and I never really had a good connection so I didnt have anyone to talk to or share things with. My sister had her diary but I didnt want to write anything down because I knew somebody was going to read what I wrote. I sure as hell wasnt going to work trying to hide what I wrote.
Growing up and going to college didnt really change things..between school and working, I was always riding solo. Even when the school had pajama parties, dances, and other social events. I sometimes wonder why I didnt mind being by myself. With all the life going on around me, I felt like that I didn't have to worry about impressing people, being popular, or even dealing with drama. However, I found that socializing and immersing myself in the world around me can create many unique experiences. The whole reason I love EP is because I can share these experiences with whoever wants to listen. Once in a while though, I still dont mind finding a quiet place where I can gather my thoughts, write a ton of stories and share experiences. Thx for reading!!!!
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Being an EP can be a huge release of thoughts and feelings you can't express on the outside world. There are plenty of secrets and thoughts that you'r to embarrassed to share or don't feel comfortable with, thank you for posting!

Growing up of course doesn't change things of course, what matters more is what happened during the process of growing up. If you grow up while walking an straight road, probably not much is gonna change.

Or maybe you are already used to being alone, and you're the type who's not quite conscious of yourself that's why you didn't mind be alone? But it's great that you still find socializing a unique experience instead of a boring one :)

^_^ Good for you, and now, good luck in life!