Seems to be the best choice lately. I like myself, so I don't mind. I always wanted to take a trip alone. I can enjoy things by myself. Would love to feel that freedom of just going somewhere alone and not worrying about a phone or emails. I would like that. I am too caught up in life right now. But maybe one day.
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I have been pretty much alone for the past 2 years. My seclusion was brought on by an illness which procludes me driving safely. I am adapting to it quite nicely thanks to my computer and my EP friends, relatives and good friends.
As you noted, I also like myself. But unlike you, I still look forward to the day I can rejoin society and all it's foibles and idiosycracies. I am looking forward also to retirement soon and will probably spend most of that time enjoying solitary persuits.

Have a great retirement! :)

Where would you go if you could?

Big trip would be Spain. The only country I have really ever wanted to go to. Little and more realistic, a beach somewhere...near Ga. LOL :)

Perfect! See you there!

I`d go under Souls bed. ;-p

You'd get hurt too. :)

Dust bunnies?

No, your head would get knocked around with the bed rockin'. I would hear your squeak with every thrust. LOL I notice a pattern here DEG. You are with me with Whym and now awhitedot. Hmmm Are you filming all of this?

LOL, this is starting to look like a group thing!

Now just how would I be able to film whilst under the bed?

No worries sexy, Im all yours! WE can always go to the ladies room! LOL They can't. :))

Whym`s being greedy!! *goes to find gt* ;o)

Who says we can`t soul? It wouldn`t be the first time I`ve been in the ladies room. ;o)

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Duracell batteries really do last longer - that's my recommendation!

I like you! ; )

LOL - ta