Kissed the kids goodbye and headed on to work, about 11hours later I got home. All I said in that amount of time was...."can I have a number 5 with Pepsi, please? No, I have no need for a lot of people in my life.
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thats sad ..that all you had to say to ur family. ? wow i bet they would love to have you join in with them...

I think you might have misunderstood my story. My family is not shortened on my attention. My occupation allows me time to myself. There are days that I don't want social interaction.

Try if you can to engage people in conversation,you may get more enjoyment out of life.
Good Luck.

Thank you dear one Garvan. It appears I failed in my writing to properly express that on that particular day, my desire was silence. I know you have been there a time or two as well. I have a good life, I just don't require a lot of social stimulation.

I can understand that.Good Luck in life. :-)

I understand. I went near the whole day yesterday without talking. I got what you were trying to write.

Spending a lot of time by yourself is not wise you also have to spend time with people to mingle with them, otherwise you can expect or do the worst.

Thanks cheerful!