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I don't mind being alone , it's just that...I tire of my own company. I feel pathetic for being this lonely. I take **** from my family and others but I have noone to turn and vent to. This lifetime battering is finally wearing me down, the inevitable thought of ending my life is arising again
RosaElaPilarGoens RosaElaPilarGoens
18-21, F
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I resolved it with drinking. I drowned this emotion with alcohol. Then resuscitated it. Then murdered them both by simply not giving a ****.

Have you considered taking up meditation or yoga or qigong,I have found all of these activities helpful in combating depressive states of mind.Also finding a good therapist is a useful outlet for you to vent yourself to.Good luck darling,hope you feel better soon.xxx

Thanks. I actually practice yoga, maintain a healthy diet, and run regularly.
This post was in the past I am no longer feeling that way.
Thanks again for your concerns!

Thanks man.