99% Except For Kirsty

Well actually it's not just a lot of time; it's virtually ALL the time. It is really hard being so isolated; but I am very lucky in that I have a housing support worker (for the mentally mental, lol) who visits me once per week most weeks for an hour, maybe more. Her name is Kirsty and her's is the only friendly face I see on a regular basis. It is great that I have someone I see each week (most weeks) as I feel very lonely otherwise. Just for an hour a week I get to talk and listen to someone talking and I get to be in the presence of another human being who works with rather than against me and is friendly. I am grateful for that. =)
Still.. It is hard getting through the rest of the week in isolation; and of course Kirsty is my housing support worker, not my real friend or a counsellor either. I can't talk to her about nor can she advise me about non-housing related issues, and I can't get a hug or anything like that. She's only here at the times we have our weekly meeting and I can't talk to her any other time. She supports me with housing issues because it's her job, not because she likes me. Actually Kirsty doesn't really know anything much about me. She's nice and I enjoy having her visit me, even if the stuff we talk about isn't fun in itself it does make me feel better while she's here. She's great at her job, though, and I am priveliged to have her here. =)
I really hope to get into college sometime soon and hopefully I'll have a tutor who is nice and hopefully the students will be nice too.. maybee I'll even make a friend there.. Even though I am not expecting that (I don't dare get my hopes up too much) , I do still kinda hope that I have a real life friend before too long.

Soo um yeah, I got discharged by the housing support thingy for the mentally mental innn umm beginning of June and since then have been alone all day every day. Thank goodness I got invited down to my friend's house for a week recently or I think I'd have gone completely batshit LOL. Still, living alone is completely horrible, I'd rather be homeless and living alone on a beach somewhere tbh, lol. Don't want to be a pest but I'm itching to get back to my friend's place again asap.. :/
TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
31-35, M
Jan 17, 2013