Why I spend my time alone is because everyone hates me. They think Imma failure. Which is True .I'm nothing but a man stealer. Such a disappointment to all. Nothing I can do to fix anything. I should be curled up in a ball dying alone. No one would know.
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A man stealer. Is that the only reason you call yourself bad?

Did I say that was the only reason?

Bee I'm a *Fixer* also and it doesn't work as it can back fire and make things more *unfixable* There's not such thing as a *Man Stealer* jezzz all my life I get that crape! Everyone is responsible for their own actions! If some guy come onto you and he's with someone else that's his responsibility....and yours if you both are into each other then you both assume responsibility for the hooking up or whatever. Your stolen if you choose to be hunni, you aren't stealing anyone, they have a voice and they can say no.....No one hates you here, your safe here, isn't that why you and the rest of us are here, wrapped up....playing Lost and Found with one another and ourselves? I stay for the unconditional Love and support of you and the rest of this mighty crew..... :)

So true xxx

Thanks hunni..... xxxx

Im Sure - from the little I know about you, not everybody "hates" you.
And as for them thinking you are a "failure", I for one, do not think this, and I'm sure, these other people are jealous of your attributes. You seem kind, loving, and many other things - and a lot of people are envious of those qualities, so, they try to "put you down"

"a man stealer" well that is also debatable - so you had a few boyfriends - it takes two to tango- u ain't responsible for all if these issues - the boys/men are also a part of the issue. You can't take the whole Blame yourself - the men are responsible as well.

And forget trying to "fix" things- just make a new, good life for you and the little one.
If your old life is a mess- try to out it to one side and start again- look at it this way- I'm a photographer. If I take a photo of a model in the street, I must check the lighting, check her make-up, check all my camera settings etc- now i push the shutter button- ok- I've got my shot.

Now I upload that shot to my laptop. If I notice something wrong- eg - a street light behind her head, or the sun on her face, and she's squinting - I could spend ages - "trying to fix it in Photoshop", or re-take the shot- so I re-take it- and its simpler to do that- and same for you.
I'm aware you might wanna "fix" things - but most of the time - you Just banging your head against the wall- so start again- make your new life better - you ARE a lovely person- I've only known you a week or so... And I can tell.


Mark xxx

Just re-read that reply .. Still applies.. Love u xxx