people often go out with friends, but me, i prefer to be indoors where it's quiet and there's no problems. Friends of mine in the past have done things to me that has made me realise that you can't trust anyone. Especially men!
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It's hard for me to trust people, since I've been abused all my life and abandoned by my parents. I value trust and honesty in all relationships! Men and women, both!

I know how you feel. I have been mistreated by men alot even the one I am with now and lately by long time friends. But you really need to overcome the distrust and involve yourself in a circle of people who are like you, good company. I still trust people no matter what they have done to me. I just make sure it don't happen twice.<br />
remember, when someone makes a fool out of you, shame on them<br />
when someone makes a fool out of you again, shame on you...

It's better alone than a bad company.,says the proverb.<br />
You are young, do not be deseperated soon or later you wil meet nice people.<br />
i advise on keeping on your doubt at everytime you meet a new person,you are right most of people are wolves towars other, and hypocrysie is not longer a bad thing nowdays.<br />
like you, most of life spent it reading, walking, watching Tv, climbing mountains and listening to music<br />
hope you find sincere ones without loosing your personality

i feel the same here, its like i cant make friends, and some have hurt and disappointed me, i feel like i cant trust anyone and therefor dont give my self of, and its like every single guy is the same, something i dont want. i just want a unique one. is there something wrong with me?

I share the same feelings as you do your not alone. How about adoping a pet because you can trust them .Or even volunteer at a shelter where you can share some of the same interests. I have a beloved pet and she loves me and i love her!

I share the same feelings as you do your not alone. How about adoping a pet because you can trust them .Or even volunteer at a shelter where you can share some of the same interests. I have a beloved pet and she loves me and i love her!

listen..its as simple as this..you go away from home..u meet people...some are reallu interesting to listen to...talk hangout then come home...who asks u to expect??just be urself...

I can relate, how to meet people and make friends? I speak to people in passing, at stores, at church. I work at home, work afternoons and evenings, so my free time is in the morning when most others are working. Easier to stay home and be my own best friend. I have goals and work on each one at a time, keep myself busy, gardening, cleaning the house, organizing, reading, painting (want to anyway!). So try not to think too much about it.

i'm 22 and i do the same and i feel the same...it shouldnt be like that.... im way too lonely.

I have had Alot of people including my Family crush me in just about everyway possible. Seems untrue, well it's not. I feel like theres something wrong with me because I have no friends. My husband is my best friend and he is in Iraq for a year. I have an eight year old son who is to young to understand what im going through. He keeps me company when he is not outside playing with friends. I sit inside everyday by myself because ive tried to befriend the girls that live beside me on post. They are a few years younger than me and have no kids. They just stand me up on our plans we make and only talk to me when there other friends are not around. My husband thinks that I am to nice. I think that is why I just gave up on trusting anyone to be close to me. Especially now while my husbands gone you know?

Don't give up on your dreams. Keep going.

You trust someone with your heart, and it goes bad, that kills you a little bit. Then you trust someone not to hip-nudge you out of a seat on the subway you happen to be three-quarters into already, and have all hope of faith in society dashed right out from under you! On a Monday morning no less, and helping you spill your Mocha-Latte, thereby killing all hope of a decent ride into the "grind". <br />
I spend most of my time alone. I just got out of a three year relationship and feel DRAINED. I have no interest in social activity, and everytime I go out, I feel that very dilemma of trust that you describe. Even in social situations at work, cut-throats are everywhere.<br />
Then I see some people soar through social activity, never giving "trust" a second thought, yet never looking down or alone. WTF?

Trust what U can Trust.If you don't think something or some kinds of thing are authentic,good for you.For me, I don't trust...really funny.I have a great family and whatever. No one had ever done anything bad to me.Then, I'm abnormal.How weird I am?If EP is not an anonymous,lovely place,I don't even believe what U really feel.(excuse me)

Trust is not black and white, it is not there or not there. Trust is not permanent, you can give it out and take it back. Trust is a skill. You can control it. Give out what you are willing to trust people with, hold back what you wish to keep safe. And grow your comfort zone, if you chose to. :)