Do You Freak Out After a Long Period W/no Solitude?

Well, I did last night!  My husband's family, from way up in the snowy states, decended down upon us...without an invitation.  First it was his parents saying 'guess what? we're coming down to visit and get out of the snow!'.  They spent one month across the street from us, at his sister's place. (coming over each day)   Then they spent the next 6 weeks and counting, at our house.  That was right at the time that his neice called and said, 'guess what? I'm coming down with my 3 children (all under the age of 3), and my mom. cause I'm tired of not being able to play with the kids outside because of the snow.' 

Of course, stupid me was under the impression that his parents would be gone by the time the kids came here.  But, NO!  It turned into one big family party.  After 2 1/2 months I blew a stack.  I told him that someone he hated was coming to visit...he freaked out!...and right then I asked him how he felt.  Because it wasn't my family that decended down upon us (which I wouldn't have allowed anyway)  it was his family.  That spawned the largest fight we've had during the past 8 years of our 28 year marriage!  And even included his sister, who had some choice words for me.  -advice: the spoken word can not be revoked.

I'm tired of entertaining, talking, giving tours, and cooking for all these people who didn't even ASK if it was alright to come.  They just told us they were coming.  Then his parents said 'we're never spending another winter inthe snow again.'  

OH CRAP!!  This is gonna happen again?!  Wait, another call just came in.  Another couple in his family were planning to come here and surprise us...but they got sick. Aww. - You gotta be freakin' kidding?!  I moved here so I could be AWAY from people.  All people if possible.  I'm someone who needs alone time, alot.   I volunteer in my community, by champying for abused and neglected children in court.  I see people when I want and as little as I want.  Now, supposedly because of that and the fact that I am so passionate about wanting solitude, they're sending me to a shrink.

I heard a lot of nasty words last night.  I'm overly dramatic, everything is huge with me, they don't know what my family did to me,,,etc.  You get the drift.  Now, today, I am at least left alone in my room.  It's the first peace and quiet for a whole day that I've received in 2 1/2 months!

Does anyone else have their family living with them for part of the year?  Am I  that weird about having enough?  There's 7 of them here right now!!!

Well, thank you all for listening.

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

Hi no not all I don't think it's weird I don't have that problem but,I like to be alone I need to be alone,my phone rings constanly my girlfriends who are all married call me every single day and most of the time I don;t want to talk to anybody I just want to be left i turn the ringer off,my husband is an electrician he got laid off a year ago my husband is 22 years older then me so he decided to go for his security liscense,and after one year of being home with me day after day I finally got some piece of mind because I really need my space and now he works from 3 in the after noon till 1100 o'clock at night and boy what a relief,I have time to be in solitude,don't get me wrong I love my husband he's a wonderful man I just trully need my space,I don't even answer the phone I turn my ringer off when he leaves, I talk to whom ever I want to talk to when I want to talk or feel I want to talk,that's me so it's not weird,people just barge in at the wrong time. your friend jennyc.