BEING Alone In Quite Solitude.

Hi everyone my name is Jennyc, and I like to share my views on this topic. First of all I'm a person who enjoy quite times ,solitude,I need and must have my space, my husband is a electrician he got laid off a year ago, he felt he could not find a job, because of his age, and he does not speak any english he is from a hispanic decent, so he decided to get his security liscense,and now after one year he just recently started to work security from 3pm to 1130 pm, this time alone is precious to me. I have girlfriends that are married and they call me every day and I turn off my ringer when my husband leaves for work because I just want to be in solitude,I talk with whom ever I want when I feel I'm in the mood to talk,because sometimes when you talk to a friend at times they, can go on, and on ,and on, and your ready to hang up and they want to talk the hell out of you,I sometimes when my husband leaves and I made sure I clean the house the day before so the next day when my husband leaves I can spend a little time with my brother who is just like me. We go out to the beach, for some air, and most of the time we keep our lips in nutural.We just enjoy the fresh air and the ride,life is to stressfull,with the evryday challenges that life throws at as and we have to deal with everyday stress so to take some time out for yourself and in quite solitude,not only does it relieves stress but your ready for another day of challenges,........THANX LUV YOU GUYS YOUR FRIEND JENNYC.

jennyc jennyc
41-45, F
Feb 19, 2009