A Chance To Mingle Socially

It has been 14 months since I have had time off work. My working week consists of 7 nights and weekend days, occasional week days, and a day of volunteer work once every week, so there really is no free time. I also work alone nights, so my life tends to be a fairly isolated and lonely one.  This weekend, I not only have Saturday night off,  but also Sunday!!  I plan to go out for a meal and sleep in on Sunday. It sounds like no big deal, but I am so excited at the prospect. I shall actually be out in a public place, surrounded by other people. I shall sleep all night, and roll over and go back to sleep when I first awake in the morning. Wow. I have no idea when my next break will be, so it is going to be quite an occasion.

Soozles Soozles
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2009

ahh I am commenting late so you already had your time off , but I hope that it was good sooze.... ahhh yes ... I love having those Sunday mornings where you get up ,smile when you realize no work and snuggle back into the comfy blankets =-D

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Nothing wrong with being by yourself as long as your not "moping".<br />
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I love to sleep in too. My little foster girl, Molly, has been here <br />
2 1/2 months and starts "arfing" at 6 am.<br />
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I need a good sleep-in morning.