i became homeless and jobless 5 mos ago.  my mother took me in at 44 y.o.  i used to come here 3x a week to clean and shop for her.  it is a living hell! i literally can't stand it! constantly put down, the filth and made to feel like crap.  i am walking on eggshells!  i stay in the bedroom she is letting me in.  i am not allowed to have company.  this is her home.  i am just here and she does not want me here.  if i do not like i can leave!  where to go?  i have no where. i have no money.  constantly being asked where i am in the house if she does not see me or if i left where did i go.  all money i give her.  if i did not have my grown boys...i would not be here.  i can't be selfish to do what i want.  i will not have them have that over their heads.  living hell.  hate being alone.

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doin what i have to. applying online and personally following through the apps as well. not sitting around..doing everything i can to get out

thanks, feels good to get things off my chest and not to put up a pretense

Now you are no longer alone...we here at E/P care about everyone regardless of who they are and there circumstances! Remember 'Everything Happens For A Reason',though mostly we can't see it at the time..but things Eventually get Better! Don't let life get you are you, what more can one ask for really?!!