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i became homeless and jobless 5 mos ago.  my mother took me in at 44 y.o.  i used to come here 3x a week to clean and shop for her.  it is a living hell! i literally can't stand it! constantly put down, the filth and made to feel like crap.  i am walking on eggshells!  i stay in the bedroom she is letting me in.  i am not allowed to have company.  this is her home.  i am just here and she does not want me here.  if i do not like i can leave!  where to go?  i have no where. i have no money.  constantly being asked where i am in the house if she does not see me or if i left where did i go.  all money i give her.  if i did not have my grown boys...i would not be here.  i can't be selfish to do what i want.  i will not have them have that over their heads.  living hell.  hate being alone.

typoquene typoquene 41-45, F 5 Responses Feb 17, 2010

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doin what i have to. applying online and personally following through the apps as well. not sitting around..doing everything i can to get out

I think that you were very fortunate that you could stay with your mother. I was sorry to hear that you lost your job and became homeless. I hope that things get better for you. I am just curious if you have gone to an employment agency. I know for me it worked for me when I lost my job.

thanks, feels good to get things off my chest and not to put up a pretense

Now you are no longer alone...we here at E/P care about everyone regardless of who they are and there circumstances! Remember 'Everything Happens For A Reason',though mostly we can't see it at the time..but things Eventually get Better! Don't let life get you are you, what more can one ask for really?!!

Aww i'm sorry. Hope things get better for you *hugs* xx