2 Many Haters And 2 Faced People Who Think They Are Better Than You.

I love me but now i have even more people who love me by showing it through hate and coming across as if they have never had any thing go wrong in their life or that every thing they do is so perfect and every one adores the ground they walk on as,they have never done a thing wrong.I have never taken time out to take any notice of any body around me but now i am so glad that i can lock myself away and leave all the madness outside,as these so many people who are out to prove some thing these days as self image and public approval means so much, its so hard to keep up with the world these days as everyone wants to be a gangster everyone wants to show off what they can do well i say screw it be yourself and look after number 1 as you come into this world alone you go out alone to,but when you are alone with your thoughts you can take a step back and watch how life carries on with or with out you doing a thing,yet these days people want to be heard and known for what ever they can do to get a name and their 15mins of fame will me i am on prime time i got everyone watching and taking notice of every thing i do,its hard some times to be in demand so to be alone i love it as you have no reason to do any thing to impress yourself,and if you cant trust anyone around you then you know you can trust yourself and the old saying if you want any thing done do it yourself dont let anyone do some thing you would not do yourself,as people have a habbit of throwing it back in your face if  you fall out with them,so if you dont want to talk just shut the door and put the music on and be as one with your self as life is demanding so you need a break....

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Feb 28, 2010