I Don't Make Friends...

Ya im alone Always been alone I never had close friendships with the other kids. They allways wanted to make fun of me.  I don't really seem to care anymore. i don't need anyone. sure I like talking to people on sites like this but real friends...... I don't think its worth it anymore. My friendships never seem to be real haft the time. they would end up stabbing me in the back. they werid thing is im going into the field of psychology. Its not that i hate people of course people drive me insane once in a while but I don't have to be friends with them. Sense i don't have friends i spend most of my time alone. I play a lot of video games so it kind of fills in the hole. and even after that i feel useless. I wished I belonged somewhere....anywhere but i don't. and thats why im alone.

IronHeart IronHeart
Mar 3, 2010