Me Myself An I

i spend alot of time by myself..not really sure what 2 think of it i have a preety boring life i enjoy the simple things it has 2 offer i dont DREAM of being rich or being famous. i manly spend alot of time by myself because i know what ppl are capable of an that scares me ppl are so unpredictable you never know what theyll say or do next. i dont want 2 b hurt anymore i dont want 2 experience or reignite thous feelings i discovered when i trusted someone i loved 2 just leave me...thous emotions of abandonment,betrayed,hurt,lost,misplaced,alone,confused,sad,emptyness,mislead ect ect ect....emotions beyond thus emotions iv never felt befor or even thought igzisted to have all of thous wraped in 1 big ball an then out of no where 2 come crashing down on ur head in a micro second i dont want 2 ever experience thous emotions as long as i live no body should feel how i felt an thats why i spend alot of time by myself i know ill regret it an i know its wrong to judge something on the mistakes of 1 person....
DownInTheDark DownInTheDark
26-30, M
Mar 8, 2010