So Alone

"heyy, I'm so bored right now, come keep me some company!"

"wanna go shopping?"

"can I tell you something?"

"I love you too.."

How I wish I could just call someone up and say those things. I'm a very good, sweet, caring, fun person and yet I seem to have trouble making friends. When will I even have a boyfriend?? I do have people coming up to me all the time telling me how pretty I am, hey I like your shoes, love your makeup etc etc..but I have no confidence. I feel so uncomfortable in my own body, in my own mind. Everywhere I go, everything I do I'm alone. I guess it's time I make an imaginary friend haha. People that I've came across, they all seem to just take advantage of me and use me. I've started to lose trust in people, became ever so cynical. It's like I do want friends but then again I don't, I'm too scared that I will get hurt again, I don't know how much more I can endure of that.

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6 Responses Mar 9, 2010

haha I thought I wrote that for a second lol <br />
ill be your friend :) i need one too...<br />
that other person is completely right everyone is like that more or less but they do hide it! :)

My life started to get better when I finally realized what I am... Yes, I'm a loner, I'm an introvert, I may not have many friends, but when accept who you are, what you are, you can then change it!<br />
<br />
I will always be an introvert, I like that quirk of mine. I do not want many friends, but a few close friends who are there for me. I love learning, and I love LOVE. Even if it is rare for me, the hope for it helps me continue in my life.

I do, too.<br />
it is not always that i want it, but i end up spending a great deal of time by myself. wish I had a nice company by my side.<br />

Are we living the same life? I think yes. At least you know you're not alone at being alone :)

i would like to be your friend. i understand feeling alone. u r very nice to people, thats why they take advantage if u. i feel your hurts,if u accept me for me. then i'l accept u. don't give up.

Go make some friends :) I know, easier said than done. But you know the issue - confidence. Next time you're in a situation - detach and observe yourself. As though you're looking from perspective of the person next to you. Ask yourself if this is who you are (the person you see). If is, embrace it, if it isn't, change it. Get out of your own head and you'll do better.