A Door With A Lock?!

For the first seventeen years of my life, I shared a room with my sister. It wasn't so bad when we were seven and eight years old. But when I turned ten and started spending a lot of time at my friends' houses, and i realized something.It was way more fun to hang out with a friend that had his/her own room, than to spend time with my friends in my own room, which I had to share.

When I was in middle/high school, I grew even less fond of sharing a room with my sister. I could never have friends over, because she would always be there,either by herself or with her friends. My sister and I are very different people, so we didn't hang out together a lot by choice. The main problem was that we had such a small room that bunk beds were necessary, and while I enjoyed the convenience of the bottom bunk, her stuff always ended up on my bed, and that was where her friends selected to sit whenever they came over. I cannot tell you how many times I walked in to find my sister taking a nap on my bed because she was too lazy to climb into hers. I don't think I owned a single pillow that wasn't stained with her drool. It was sick.

My senior year, my dad went into this home improvement phase. He re-stained the deck, fixed broken cabinets, and changed the oil in all the cars himself. One day he told me that he would build me a room in the basement if I wanted. I jumped at the opportunity.

So for Christmas that year, I got three cans of purple paint and a futon, And I was moved in completely by the day after new years. It's so nice to finally have a space of my own, where I can hide from my sister, brother, and occasionally my parents. It's also conveniently located in the basement, away from everyone else. I don't have to feel like such a tool, still living with my parents while going to college. And it's nice when my boyfriend comes over. Although we have proved that even though my room is perfect for sneaking in/out (what with it being right next to the back door and all), his mother is like god, and no matter how stealthy he is, she always knows somehow. Which is most definitely NOT a good thing.
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i wish i had such a roomy bedroom growing up =(