In my bedroom, I have found eutopia. My bedroom is a place I can go and escape the world. I find solace in this room. It is my world. I control everything in it. It is my place to play. I control what is there and what is not. I cannot control the world or what happens in my life, but my room is my realm. It is my place to go to avoid people and think. I can think most clearly in the peace of my room. I can get away from the hubbub of society and think without my mind being polluted by the things that are happening around me. My room helps me get prospective on the way the world is. I can look at all things I surround myself with and see who I really am. It is a place where there are no mask. I am who I am in there. I do not need to pretend to make it easier to go through life and my interactions with other people.My room is where I have found peace. Also in case you think I am wrong, "utopia" means "no place" and "eutopia" means "good place." So I am not mistaken for my room is a good place.
alienatedvirus alienatedvirus
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I learned a new word :)

It is what I am here for.

lol, okey doke

You are welcome.