My Place :)

I always stay in my Bedroom it is 'my place' I just love it.
I will explain what I have in it-
- I have 4 big posters. one of smiley faces, one of the simpsons characters, one of michael jackson, and one of barack obama
- On the walls I have little danging down spiders, fake obviv, but they look cool
- I sleep on a Bunk Bed
- I have 2 computers in my room
- I have a sofa, a blown up one.
- I have all my intruments and crap
- I have a stack of DVD's and CD's
- I have a shelf of all my favorite books
- The Carpet is blue, and the walls are white
- My bedroom is at the back of my house so the window a really long one that curves round, love it <3
- The curtains are Flimstone ones ^.^
.... and thats bout it.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

Awww that's cute :)