I sit in there most of my day either watching tv or playing cheap games on my computer.. I keep myself entertained all day.. It's not because i don't like my family.. I love my family.. it's because i want to be alone..
HeartAndWings HeartAndWings
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 26, 2013

you wouldn't want to look back in ten years time knowing it was spent in your bedroom at your youthful age just get out and about somewhere join a group or class something your interested in that's the perfect place to find new friends and im sure your ps3 or whatever console you use will still be there when you get home goodluck to you in life.

Hi HeartAndWings: I am pretty much the same way as you and Im a guy. If you dont have any brothers or sisters you tend to want to be alone. What you should do is try to make friends of people around your own age so you will have someone to talk to. If you are not an only child and are the oldest you feel alone for some reason or another. Your parents dont understand you because they are in another age and your younger siblings are not up to par with you either. I hope I have made some sort of sense to you.

You have made plenty of sense and i should get out alittle more.. I guess living life while im young is the best way to do it.. I won't be young forever.. I should make some friends..