My bedroom is my favorite room in my home. When my friends come over we usually hang around my bedroom like most people would their den.  It is just more comfortable with all the pillows and big comfy chairs.  Only those persons closest to me get invited into my sanctuary though.

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I love our bedroom, I can't wait to get in bed at night, It's so peaceful. I hung a room darkening widow treatment on the window so it's nice and dark in there in the mornings.I decorated it in blue,And I have a attached bath that comes in handy. Our place isn't big but it's just right for us. <br />
When I moved in with my bf his home was not decorated so I had fun decorating. I had an apartment ,I had collected a lot of furniture, art work and what knots that I liked because I hand picked each item. And I like the fact that Tim never said anything about me hammering holes in the walls and disturbing his peace and quiet while I was hang pictures on the walls. I cleaned all the rooms and decorated each with a theme or color.I didn't spend a lot of money either because I already had so much. His house wasn't really dirty, he just had a lot of cob webs. I hate spiders and I kept killing them till I don't see many any more. He installed a special shower head for me. And I love it, it makes it so much easier to wash my hair and it feels good also.<br />
People that come over can't believe what I've done with the place, it looks so different, I said it's more homey. I like getting complements on it cause I'm proud of it. I love being here with him. <br />
And my little 3 year old grand daughter wants to move in with us. Probably cause we watercolor, play with play dough have tea parties, I read to her, snack, watch Cartoons, put make up on,and Dance. Tim has a big screen TV and Cable so he can find all kinds of music and shows that she likes. He buys her M &Ms, cookies and ice cream. I bought her a pink night gown and a pink outfit that she hasn't seen yet. She always likes to go into my bedroom and look at my things. <br />
I also enjoyed having the holiday dinners here.I decorated for Christmas. Both my boys and their families were here and then I had Tims son's birthday here.

yeah nothing naughty goes down in my room either. We usually just game or hang out when over.

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Floyd, Just the Prince. He is draped over me right now as I type this. <br />
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Blue, Plus you have a great bathroom and spend a lot of time there. LOL I was thinking that if you or Silver01ta were asked you would say I spend the most time in the tub lol. Call me in the morning I had a crying problem tonight.

DC, I think I originated in the back seat of my dads roadster lol. Speaking of which do you think about these people with names like Mercedes. I want to ask were you conceived in the backseat of a car. Or Chase.. wow your daddy had to chase your mom down huh? Cristal.. Wow how drunk did your parents get the night you were conceived lol? Overlook me bc I am breaking curfew again and a little loopy lol.<br />
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Rog, It is the avatar for the group, "I want you in my bed." That is my bed in all its glory. I call that photo the "morning after." I used to have lots of pix of the rooms in my house before I got my stalker. I have finally come to love him because had it not been for him I wouldn't be as close to my guy as I am and I may not have him if I had never been stalked.

Hey...what's not to like about the bedroom...that's where most of us originated. :-) dc

And those damn dogs have a 24 hours access dont they? :P

I am pretty bedroom oriented myself these days, since I got my new laptop. :)

I have my laptop and a desktop in the bedroom. I have my iPod and I want to stress to everyone that we are not doing naughty things. I have chairs in my bedroom and we are playing the WII and other things too.

I spend all the time in my room too. I have my computer, laptop, bed, 360 and tv, guitar and amps, even a book if i ever decide to read again. Nothing for me in the other rooms, so i just stay in my area.