Away From The Outer World........

I love my bedroom so very much,I spend hours there.I do reading,writing,listening to music in my bedroom.I love to decorate my berdroom in different shades of blue........I feel peaceful.

My bedroom is my escape from the outer's my dreamland.I can spend hours there provided I have some books,my laptop and my cell phone there.

But this is the very room where I cried in the past for hours,and now this is the same room that hears me laughing with joy and excitement......

Aliva Aliva
36-40, F
4 Responses Mar 26, 2010

I like to spend time browsing on the internet

What the hell does that mean, Nancy Drew? 'The tears you shed will feed your dreams?' HUH????

I feel the same! Its like a best friend! someone (somewhere) you can cry on or laugh with (no matter how crazy that may sound, but still it makes you feel better for some reason :) )

It is lovely to have a place to call your own. The tears you shed will feed your dreams. Peace.