Home Alone

Since i was dumped by my boyfriend who has been with me for 6 years, i became depressed and began to trauma. I so do not like crowds, and started to like to be alone at home.

My mother started to worry me, because i shut myself to everyone.

Honestly, i feel living in my own fantasies and sometimes fear that one day will not be able to distinguish between reality and fantasy world Then i decided to start opening up my heart. But i got hurt and many disappointments.

Now i prefet to be home alone rather to anything. Well at least, i won't get hurt by anyone.
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2 Responses Apr 17, 2011

Home alone? go outside...many interesting things out there & good people

I guess i can relate to this.

Though there are many reasons apart from the relationship itself that hinders us and letting us to choose to seek our own comfort zone.

But then again i think what youre doing by simply cutting off yourself from your social circles would do you no good since you benefit nothing out of it except having your own "utopia" of course ;)

We humans are natural social being and we do need comfort from others the way we would like to receive it.

I do wish things have gotten better for you considering i stumble upon this thread after more than a year since you posted this :p

Cheers !