More Than Happy To

Usually im either out somewhere or on my way to go somewhere else so im in my car... i always have fun when im out and about chillin or just doin whatever but when its time to go home, i usually take a bit longer to get home

My life at home is quite unsatisfying....loud, obnoxious siblings, constant berating by relatives, and psychological harassment by everyone. All i ever do at home is stress about life, school, work, and on top of that i have to work my way around a completely dysfunctional family so i don't have to see them very often. So yeah i spend more time in my car than i do at home and im more than happy to.
misternobrain misternobrain
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 9, 2012

wondering sometimes when compare the definition of term "family" to what they actually do on the realistic background! But we always have to keep trying! Finally they are our family haha!