"Save Money?" What's That Suppose to Mean?

It's a bad habit I know. Whenever I'm out driving after school I look at the fastfood restaurants and think of places or food that I would interested in eating as my aferschool snack?  I don't know why but I always feel like I need to spend my money on somthing. THIS IS TOTALLY BAD!  I really do want to save up.  But when I go out I'm so willing to spend money on lunches with my sister, dinners for my boyfriend, clothes for myself and etc etc.  I can't learn to save and spend wisely. ahhh Can anyone suggest anything that might help my situation?
London182 London182
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 11, 2008

Hello London 182,<br />
My advice is<br />
*Make a budget, a realistic one, for one month- and stick to it.<br />
*Give yourself a small amount (like £20) 'buffer' cash for an urgent day to day thing like if you lost your oyster card or whatever.<br />
*Do something for free that gets you feeling good... sketching/running/visit a friend/ go to National Art Gallery<br />
*Realise: Any money that you don't spend; you keep. That is your money, no one can take it off you...<br />
* I cut down on take away coffees when I realised that I did that 3 times a week that's over £300 a year!<br />
*Plan a one off treat, which is 5% of your wage....It could be 5% of your weekly or monthly wage, the pleasure will be in deffering your gratification.<br />
Good luck! I hope some of that was useful.

Just get in your mind that you must save a set percentage of your money, no matter if it only one dollar. Save all your change in a 5 gallon bucket all quarters. Nickels dimes and pennies in another bucket. you will be suprise how much you have saved.