Kant Stop!

Ever since the age of 18 i had loans im now 37 & even though i dont have one this yr i have a 3500 overdraft...u may think thats ok..its really not i have never saved i take home 1400 a month and only have bills pf 150 pounds every month i waste my money on crap i have nothing to show for it i want kids & marrige but how can i when i just cant control my spend..i have nothing at the end of the month..i smoke but wont give up as its the only thing i enjoy in my life ..sad but truei always think the makeup i buy on a wkly basis will make me look good &the clothes i get will make me look nice but it never does...im fed up but know its my fault..i have said i,ll change so many times but i never stick to it..i always think things should come to me but never do
dobin dobin
1 Response May 3, 2012

Choices, decisions only you can help you in this situation. If you do retail threapy then don't go shopping unless it's for food. If you can't trust yourself not to spend then avoid temptation by leaving your bank cards at home. Come on there is always a way to avoid this, you just need to find a way that is going to work for you. Try get to the root of the problem, you shop to look good and then don't. Poor self image. Why? Ask yourself a few key questions and find the root of your spending. Maybe makeing a graph for the week and then the month and jot down what you spend and then reward yourself at the end of the month with something small but set the ammount you can spend and draw only that ammount of cash don't use a credit card.

I know wot ur saying and of course it makes sense but i want everything now im awful i cant be botherd to save but want things i cant really afford..i just cant stop its been goin on for yrs and no matter how many times im told i just dont seem to care

Who do you become when you spend? I become someone I don't like, and then get depressed. I hate the results. I'm getting better now by getting right into my fears and acknowledging them. It hurts but somehow it feels good too because long term I feel better.