Living Beyond My Means- Kinda

OK, so I guess I don't literally live beyond my means- I'm only spending the money I have- but I'm almost completely out of money, and I just keep spending it.  And as far as everyone knows, I still have a lot of money, because I still spend like I was, and I'm the only person who knows exactly how much I have.

And how much is that? If you count the cash, the money in my checking account (which my mom has access to), my savings account (which she doesn't), and the $100 that my parents owe me, it comes out to about... $300. $350, at the very most.

OK, so that's really not as bad as it sounds. I live with my parents, but I still have to pay rent ($100 a week). And I have a job that pays pretty good, and I get paid tomorrow. But the problem is, I'm used to spending a LOT more than that on a daily basis. I got the job I have now at a really bad time, when I didn't want to do anything at all. So I didn't. I worked, then slept, then worked, then slept. Other then rent, the only thing I bought was food out of the vending machines at work. That was it. Not to mention it was getting close to the fiscal year end of the company, so I was getting some serious overtime.  Thats about when I decided to open a savings account. I figured since I wasn't spending my money, I might as well be earning interest on it. I set it up specifically so that my parents wouldn't have access to it, because I was pretty tired of trying to use my card and having it denied, only to find out that my parents had decided to borrow my money without informing me.

So I opened up the savings account, and put the required $25 in. And I started putting some in every week. $150, $200- whatever I felt like putting in that week. I always try to carry some cash, and Iliked to keep a little in checking in case I went somewhere and felt like buying something. I was doing pretty good too. At the high point, there was almost $2000 in there.

But that whole time, things were happening. I had started drinking, for one. It didn't cost anything when I started, but when the friend who bought the drinks lost her job, I was the only one with any real money. So I started buying. Of course, I couldn't tell my parents where the money was going, so I just didn't tell them anything.  I let them believe that I never took it out. Every Friday after work, my dad would take me to the bank to cash my check. On the way home, he'd ask how much I put in my savings, and I'd tell him, sometimes saying less then the truth. he'd ask me  how much that had brought it up to, and I'd tell him I'd forgotten to ask the balance. He'd guess, and I'd say "yeah, around that", even though I knew he was saying way more than I really had.

The drinking isn't an issue anymore. After one night I remember little of, One weekend where I spent over $400, and one absolutely-worst-possible-time-to-have-a-hangover hangover, I stopped drinking completely. For the time being, anyway. The next problem was the laptop I spent almost $700 on. It's what I'm using right now, and I don't regret buying it. But it did put a serious dent in the money I had left.

Recently, though, it's just been worse. one of my friends moved in to my house, and since she doesn't have a job, she's become my dependant.  And of coourse se's used to getting anything she wants if she whines enough, and I don't like to say no to her. So there goes a lot more of my money. And then there's my current hobby of jewelry making. Or acting like I'm going to make jewelry, anyway. I have spent over $500 on beads alone, and I have sorted them numerous times. The really funny thing is, I don't even wear jewelry.

garbanzobean garbanzobean
22-25, F
Jul 10, 2008