The X Ring

15 months ago I started this journey. I new that I'm up there in age ,and it was going to be really though to compete aginst the younger people. So I join an archery club. Purchase new equipment, study techniques and let fly thousands of arrows. Lots of different directions I might add !!
The object of the game here is to not ! have that arrow travel in any other direction than straight to the center of the X ring...
Your standing 60 feet away from 3 circles. Each one has a 8 inch dia. blue ring, inside of that ring is are two red rings about 6 1/4 od. to 3 inch id. Whats left is a 3 inch yellow circle with a 1 1/2 inch dia. black line circle . Now in the center of that is the object of my passion ,,, a 3/4 inch black lined circle with the elusive X ... in the center.
Now to put this in perspective , A perfect round at the World Archery Festival is 300. That is 30 arrows in that 1 1/2 " circle..
You shoot 3 arrows at the 3 circles then retrieve them. and do this 10 times hense the 300 score. Now! if after you shoot a 300 someone else also shoots a 300 you then count how many times your arrows have hit the X ring . The most X hits wins the match..
I know your wondering , what about me well !! how's about 294 with 24 Xs Thanks for reading DigiThal
DigiThal DigiThal
56-60, M
Jun 4, 2012