All Day And Night!!

my job is all done on computer!!! and i spend th night on my laptop... surfing.. chatting.. watching anime or listening to music.... but it is all computer!! th only time when i'm not    using computer is... when i'm driving back and forth from work... if i go shopping or with my friends after work.. other wise.. it is all computer computer computer.. i just realized it!!! my life is all virtual! i think and analyise in a computery way... no wonder!!!

ThePeach ThePeach 26-30, F 1 Response Jan 25, 2010

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Thank you for such a pretty card I find the same thing I have found that I have to initiate my own social life by joining clubs excetera like yourself my life revolves around work.<br />
At the moment here in Hawkes Bay New Zealand it is raining and it is my only day off from work (ugh)<br />
So I did a little retail theropy and bought som necklaces nail polish and a cd (motown Chartbusters Vol 2) we have a motown concert being held at the mission winnery this weekend the music on the cd is really quiet lovely.<br />
Well I hope your day improves if not save up and come and stay in New Zealand for a while you are bound to have fun.<br />
Well lots of love and laughter<br />
From your friend jillykirby