Come Up For Air

I am having to go somewhat cold turkey. When I have bad insomnia periods I am on the computer worse than at any other time.......Time ceases to have all meaning. I write and play games and one point I was juggling Facebook, BADOO, My Yearbook and Zorpia....oh and I can't forget FUBAR.....FUBAR didn't do it for me and Ican't remember my sign on so haven't been there in ages. Dropped Bebo and Online Booty Call and Hi5 and My Space ages ago........oh and Tagged...ancient history. Bottom line is I am addicted to being on the Internet......I bought a netbook because a son of a friend of mine has had my laptop since last October. I couldn't be without it.....I got the shakes like a nervous chihuahua from being even a few days without getting on........Sometimes at night I have to force myself off....I tell people goodnight and 2 hours later I am still responding to messages........Bad habits are easy to develop but tough to break.
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2 Responses Jun 5, 2011

oh I read.....on top of the many hats I wear is GEEK....HA HA HA I spend a lot of time multi-tasking and doing research online.....

Well, am not on any of those sites you said (except here, obviously), but I'm as addicted as you.. Except: I read. A LOT! (no chat, no games, no IMs or anything)<br />
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I can read whatever I can get my fingers on. (but really, it's just ebooks!) Anyway, I can stay up as late as 3 a.m.and somtimes 5 a.m. and sometimes I don't sleep............<br />
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Weeeeeeeeeeeeellllll, I try to catch up sleep in class (i go to uni) but now I have to deal with exams.. Not funny at all. <br />
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I'll try to find a way to restrict myself, but until that happens, I have a book waiting. ;)<br />
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See ya. :-D