Me+my Computer= Likethis

i get up in the morning and basically run to my computer. most of my time is spent on myspace or limewire, so i could use a life... :) i check the computer at least three times a day and sometimes more, depending on if i think my friends are on or not... who knows... :)
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5 Responses Jan 4, 2007

My space sucks now.

lol we have similar situations...i love being on myspace and now i love being on ep. i am very new to ep so i am very hooked on it. i love how people can relate to one another and i have yet to see any negativity but anyways yes i am a computer freak. mi dad doesnt like for me to watch my sisters because i love to stay on the but yea i love to also google alot of isl like my're not the only computer freak

I’m not addicted, but my son really is. My child will spend every breathing second online gaming if I let him. In order to prevent my child from spending all the time while I am at work, I use parental control software Ez Internet Timer It can stop all children’s on-line activity and block Internet browsers, e-mails, ftps or messengers according to my daily schedule and I'm relieved.

I can't get away from E.P!!

Meeee to I spend to much time on my comp. maybe I dont have a life either hahahaa just kidding.I became addicted after i split from my husband just something to do as i dont go out much at all.I have gotton a little better about it but not much. The fact is I enjoy meeting new people its fun made some good friends also.