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Strap Me In A Straitjacket!

I would really like to be strapped in a tight and inescapable straitjacket and left there to enjoy my bondage for a few hours, maybe to sleep in it too. I've heard it's quite comfortable and suitable for many many hours of bondage. So far, I've only been in a makeshift straitjacket that was just a pair of very thick tights with the feet ends tied together. But I'd really like to experience the real thing! I fantasize about my girlfriend putting one on me and keeping me like this until the next morning..
lockedheels lockedheels 31-35, M 6 Responses Sep 17, 2011

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I would also longed for this. I am searching for a inexpensive, but not cheap, straitjacket that is still inescapable......

I too would love to be put in a straight Jacket and left to stew for hours- and be totally unable to escape.

The strait jacket I bought first was the costume quality strait jacket because I was not sure I would like the feeling of wearing a strait jacket and did not want to put out alot of monmey before I knew if I liked wearing one. Once I knew I did I bought the Strict Leather Black Canvas Strait Jacket in 2010 when I was 40 I am now almost 42 and when I have my room mate strap me in with my arms through the starp on the chest and the ends of the sleeves through the straps on the sides of the strait jacket and buckle the sleeves behind my back it is imposable for me to get outof it. It also has 2 thigh straps that go between your legs and buckle to the buckles sewed to the buckles on the back of the coatat the waist. With them buckled the jacket can not be pulled ovr the top of your head and you are now secure.try the strict leather black canvas strait jacket with 5 to 7 busnessdays for shipping it is 160.97 or for 2nd day shipping it is 170.13 and next day is 183.85 euros. It is canvas and like I have said once straped in it you can not get out without help. Please let me know if this helps and if you get a real strait jacket let me know how you like it once you get out of it. LOL

Yeah 160 or 183 Euros is much more reasonable. If I do buy a straitjacket though, I'll go straight for the strict and secure one because I just know that I will LOVE the feeling! Being helpless drives me nuts! (That's why I will need a straitjacket, LOL!) Oh, I bet I won't stand a chance of actually escaping it on my own! No way... And that's what I love about it in the first place... Thanks for the info, that's probably the cheapest price I will find on a straitjacket, these things are pretty expensive and I'm a little low on cash right now. Well, I will let you know once I get it, any wild stories I have that involve being strapped in it etc.

Glad I can help just to let you know I have the Strict Leather canvas strait jacket I am 41 and when I have my roommate strap me in it with my arms across my chest through the leather strap on the chest then lace the sleeves through the leather loops on each siade and buckle it be hind my back and the 2 thigh straps between my legs and buckle them behind my back also it is impossable for me to get out. I like to sleep in my strait jacket. the strickt leather canvas strait jacket is comfortable enough for me to sleep in and strit and secure enough I can not get out. It has a strap to strap the colar closed 1 at the shoulders 1 in the middle of your back and 1 at the wais of he jacket. 2 thigh straps that go between your legs and of course 1 to strap your sleeves together. Once they are all straped closed you can not get out without help. So enjoy your self but be careful and I will be waiting to hear about how you like yours.

thank you for replying I am low on cash - like lockedheels [the comment below mine] however when I finally finish university and start being paid real money I do hope to buy a few things. I do love the feeling of being tied up and love to tie up myself for a quiet day in bed or I also think I will love to be put into a button back dress as a male - which they tell me if its the right size then the wearer is unable to take it off - meaning while I can't get out of it - I can still do things around the house.

I do know of 1 male who would put me in a straight jacket - and ohh dam how good it would be.

If you want to try wearing a strait jacket you can get strai jackets on line on the web site you can buy strait jackets for beginners that are cloth as soft as cotton and you can get them also made of duck material canvas leather or even latex. The cheapest is about 47.00 for a beginners strait jacket. Just choose what style you want and order I have bought 3 from them so far and have been very happy the second one I bought is heavy and will keep you held tight but is still comfortable to wear and even sleep in. Have fun.

Wow, thanks for the tip. It's a great site, I found a couple of ones that are just like I want them but they're ridiculously expensive! I would love to get myself a straitjacket that is not a "costume-type" one and is really secure but wouldn't want to spend a fortune... I want it to be durable, reliable and totally inescapable but I can't seem to think that 400 Euros is a reasonable price for such a thing...

If you like a make shift strait jacket I but you would enjoy a real strait jacket. I am 41 and when my roommate straps me in my strait jacket at my request at night I can not get out untill he lets me out. You can get a good quality strait jacket at extream restraints cheap. They sell asylem style starit jackets for 69.95 or a bondage strai jacket for about the same price just remeber once you are straped into it you will not get out untill you are let out. I have a bondage style strait jacket It has two thigh straps so you can get to the persons groin for fun. The asylem strat jacket has a single crotch strap and pulls the bottom front of the strait jacket over the crotch so you can not get to any thing there and have fun. But if you would like to try out out cheaply they also sell a coustum grade strait jacket for about 39.95 and you can find out if you like it and if you do you could go baclk buy a high quality strait jacket for the prices i have mention or get some in the 200 to 400 dollar rang have fun stay safe. One last thing I sleep in mine and sleep very comfortablely and soundly.

Oh yeeh, it would be very nice to be tied up in the straitjacket by your girlfriend. She then could spank you with her belt as much as she likes and then she would leave you for a couple of hours. You could never forget it!

I like to wear mine to bed and sleep in it. I really enjoy it and it is comfortable.

i know wht you mean i have 2 leather strait jackets one white one black that i sleep in (only one at a time) i might add) but i love my strait jackets especially leather feeling. i often wonder what people think of them in a public sense ie if you were to go out to the park or something in 1 im not sure how most people would react to be honest.

I do agree - if you were to walk down the street in a straight jacket I am not sure how most people would react either

yes they do feel very good i like the feeling of the leather on my skin a great deal you are lucky you have two would you wear then outside or not

Oh great, who ties you up in the evening and then unties you? How much time do you spend usually in your straitjacket?

I wish some 1 tied me up - I have tried self bondage and enjoyed it - so I suspect and hope I would enjoy being tied up by some 1 else.

i get my girlfriend to put me in strait jacket each day where i can ill do same to her where she wants it herself

Oh, it is great to hear that your girlfriend is as kinky as you! You must have a really spicy relationship to say the least! ;-D

You must be a very lucky man.

I think I am as she also likes to wear strait jackets and also collars aswell as being muzzled

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