I Miss Him More Now Than Ever!

Well my ex and I broke up about 3weeks ago but this weekend we spent together.  I am so confused because we took a nap for 2hours together and held hands the entire time.  I felt like I was on cloud nine.  I slept over at his place and he even got up to make me breakfast!  I was trying to leave around 9am but he asked me not to go home just yet.  He held me all day.  I mean what is going on?  I feel like we are taking a break because this weekend was incredible.  I am just going to enjoy what ever is going on and not even mention us getting back together I am just going to let it happen on its own.  Please someone tell me what they think is going on?

Davis77 Davis77
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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Did I guess right? Did he return, or are you still together?

It seems he may be confused at this point...to release/not release. You have the right idea, give him space, be the illusive butterfly--If it returns it is yours, if it does not it never was. Hang-in-there babe, relax and let him think about the good weekend. Things like that makes one want to return. Smiliing and hoping you get what you want it to be.