A few days before Christmas, my friend Goldie had to go to the ER for emergency oral surgery.  Like, emergency enough that they transported her from one hospital to another so they could do the surgery NOW.  But she developed a high fever, and they admitted her.  I stayed with her...didn't go home until Christmas Eve.

I had planned to go to a party Christmas Day.  But after spending three days in the hospital with Goldie?

No way.

So for me, Christmas was just another day.  My housemates had gone to their families; I was the only one who didn't have anyone.

In a way, that was the best Christmas gift anyone could have given me.  I had the house to myself.  I had quiet.  I had the space I needed to decompress.

I was alone at Christmas.  And I didn't mind a bit.
Plaid Plaid
31-35, F
May 16, 2012