Tiger Stadium

Tiger Stadium Is A Special Place To Me From 1982 Till The Last Year Games Were Played There In 1999 I Attended 718 Games There.I Travelled From My Home In Ontario Canada Across U.S.-Can Border To Cheer On My Favourite Beloved Detroit Tigers At The Historic Stadium.I Got There Early Most Games And Enjoyed Shagging Balls Hit In Batting Practice To Lf Lower Deck With My U.S. Friends.Also Spent Lots Of Time Getting Player Autographs.Had Pleasure Of Witnessing The Play Of Great Tigers & Visiting Players.Even Had Chance To Step On Field On Few Occasions Which Was A Thrill.These Times Are Missed And Will Always Be Remembered.Unfortunately After Sitting Vacant For Many Years,It Was Torn Down A Few Years Ago.
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t to,and continue to gotI grew up going to Riverfront Stadium,as far as baseball is concerned . I also have been at Ohio Stadium many times . It's where the Ohio State Buckeyes have played college football since 1922,I believe . I'm 46 as of Feb 23rd,so we have the same memories as far as the generations are concerned . You saw Sparky at the end ,as well as 1984. I saw him at his height . My baseball idol was Johnny Bench .Who was yours ? Riverfront is no more,of course. The Reds now play at Great American Ballpark .It's named after a local company,but it's a GREAT name,huh ? I hope to hear back from you so we can keep the baseball talk rolling, OK ? Sound good to you? Later . Matt.

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Great story, I'm from the city just south of Detroit. Although, I've never even been to a ba<x>seball game! My uncle works at a muffler shop and they have a big picture in the office/lobby of the old stadium and 2 of the original seats, his boss bought at auction after it was tore down. Pretty neat!