The Rebel !?!?

As a student I had pretty stupid teachers, and when ever I corrected them they sent me to detention. I think they hated me because I was the smartest kid in the class with the best grades, and I didn't suck up to them!

They wanted to make an example of me, but they didn't know how! I never failed a subject, on the contrary, I made the best grades and I stood up to them and pointed out their incorrect assumptions.

I have tried to be mild and understanding, but it's really hard when you are dealing with close minded people.

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@ Duchess: thank you very much, it means a lot coming from you.

@ FarmerGiles: I had few good teachers, who had the same belief, as you, and they really helped me, I owe them a lot. If it was not for them I would never be an engineer.<br />
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Please don't give up and continue your good work, kids need a good teacher, thank you for your comment.

As a school teacher myself, I like it when the kids are smarter than me; makes my job easy. Plus, I admit to a soft spot for the rebellious types, so it doesn't bother me. <br />
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Now, I can say this because I am anonymous. In general, the Public School (in America) discourages creative thought and encourages blind allegiance to authority. That's why they don't like me much there, because I feel my job as educator is to do exactly the opposite.

My days it was not a club, I am happy to hear that these days teachers are nicer to kids.

Last week my 8 year old son told me he had to go to "Three O'clock Club". I said, what's that? He said, You know, when you do something bad you have to stay after school. So apparently these days it's a club. Cracks me up.

I was always caught, and now I think I was a really bad student, maybe I would have been different if I had a second chance!<br />
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Thank you for your comment Miss Bebe.