Embarrassing Birthday Spanking In My Birthday Suit

--- Becky Romero ---

I got quite the surprise on my 20th birthday back in 2005.

Was at one of my girlfriends/roommates mom's house. Her mom has a nice private backyard and a hot tub. We usually skinny-dip when the guys aren't around and we were doing so that afternoon. Two of my girlfriends jumped in the hot tub after the pool, two others went and got dressed but I wanted to get some sun tanning in before the guys showed up for a get-together later (basically just my teenage brother and the boyfriend of one of my girlfriends - so I thought!). So I was just lying there butt-up on one of the chaise longues chit-chatting, thinking I had plenty of time before needing to go inside and get dressed.

Somehow we got on the subject of spankings because my girlfriends knew I was flirting with a guy online about it. My friend Belinda asks me if I ever had to chose a guy to give me a birthday spanking, who would it be? I laughed and didn't answer so she started naming names, including my teenage brother, which I was like, ''No way!"

My other friend, Libby, said, "I know who..." teasing me about the guy I was flirting with online. I tried to deny I had a crush on the guy and so it went.

Then they both started mentioned some guys from high school. I was mostly like no way, etc. Then Libby mentioned a couple of friends of ours who are twins.

So I teased her back. "OK, I know who. Ryan (her boyfriend)."

She frowned, saying ''Funny, Becky. Real funny!''

When she mentioned the second of the twins, Brad, I went, "Yeah, okay. I guess Brad. He's a hunk, but he's also kind of a teddy bear."

Then I heard a guy's voice cracking up about 15 feet behind me. It was Brad's brother, Brian. I screamed and, as I turned, I saw Brad standing there too, blushing from my "teddy bear" remark but staring at my naked body. My other girlfriends had quietly let them in around the driveway, so I never saw them coming. All my clothes were inside the house and Libby quickly reached out of the hot tub and snatched away a nearby towel, leaving me with nothing to do but blush and sit up with my knees up against me.

Brad walked over and gave me a peck on the cheek to wish me "happy birthday" then his brother did, too. Though I never dated either one of them, they were good friends throughout high school. But although they had seen naked pics of me about two years earlier, they had never seen me naked in person so this was more than mildly embarrassing.

My girlfriends are of course were loving it, having pranked me good. I thought that would be the end of it. Instead, my END would be the END of it as my friend Ashley walked over, grabbed my arm and pulled me up saying it was time for my "birthday spanking." I was totally exposed and led over to Brad, who sat down on a bench, as Ashley positioned me over his lap. I tried to be a good sport about it although I was blushing like crazy but still thinking, OK, they're just teasing me.

Then, whack! He actually spanked me. Not hard, but still. Then again! And again! And it was soon clear I was to get one swat for each year! After about a dozen, they actually began to sting. I kept saying, "I can't believe you guys did this to me!'' which just made them laugh all the more.

When I finally got to stand up, I was left standing there naked rubbing my sore butt, which made my friends laugh even more.

I yelled out, "YOU...! You guys know what I'm going to do now? I'm going to find out just how identical you twins really are!''

Brad bolted, but I chased him down in the backyard and after a playful struggle depantsed him, tossing his shorts to Ashley.

When I walked back over towards Brian, he tried to run, but Libby grabbed his ankle and Brian stood there accepting the inevitable good-naturedly to Libby, and said, "****! I didn't even get to spank her!''

I was about to pull down his boxers down too, until Belinda grabbed his other ankle and Libby and her pulled him into the hot tub.

Then Libby called to my attention that her boyfriend and my teenage brother were walking towards us from the house. Not able to bolt in that direction, I was left to hide partially behind a tree and blushing until she tossed me a robe to spare me more embarrassment as some other friends of ours were to arrive shortly for a surprise birthday party they threw for me. A surprise it certainly was!
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Hot story. Wish I had been there!

What fun friends, and it sounds like you are a flexible person and not too self conscious. Thanks for sharing the fun.

loved the storie

I bet they were not embarrassed to give you a great birthday spanking.

Did this bring back any flashbacks from earlier discipline or spanking sessions?

I´d like to have you over my knee when smacking your bare bottom and touching your naked boobs.

It sounds like you had a lot of fun. Nice story

the best way to spend your birthday, in your birthday suit. nothing like a verticle smile :) :)

It sounds like it might actually have been rather fun.

sexy story

I wish I was there too sweety! :)

Did any of the guys ever ask to join you and your friends for your hot tubbing fun?

How did your brother react to see you with nothing but a towel and sore butts?

Hi, kakdrukker. No, I was just trying to be a good sport. Besides, there were some of my closest friends. I wasn't going to stand there and argue about it. They had gotten me good! And since I was already naked from skinny-dipping with my girlfriends, I wasn't given much of a choice.

It seems to me you like being naked in front of other people. ;)

Nice story. What happened with that guy you were flirting with online, though ? Something's telling me it didn't end well.