Mom's 35th Birthday Friends Spanked Mom Naked

It was moms 35th birthday party.
All of mom's friends came over to hang out when mom turned 35.

Dad was not home infact he was not able to be home but get got mom's gift before he left and mom was ok by it.

Mom's party ran from 2pm-9pm when moms friends were going to bring moms cake out they had a surprise for mom but I was not sure what it was.

I was up in my room playing Nintendo I herd them saying "Lets spank her" but lets get her clothes off for a laugh.
When I got to see what was going on.

Mom's friends were giving mom her birthday spanking "Naked" on over her friends lap wile mom was naked.

I saw moms leg's kicking wile the others spreaded moms legs apart so they could spank mom and they did wile 1 person toke a picture of mom when they were spanking mom.

Mom did not know they toke a picture of mom.

After mom's 35 spanking the to guys who striped mom in the back room gave mom her clothes back and mom got drest.
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1 Response Jan 14, 2011

What was ur reaction when u see this happening?