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Her Birthday, With Me In My Birthday Suit

One summer a couple of years ago, a friend of mine rented a house and had her 20th birthday party there. Her parents were there, and didn’t have a problem with us partying and drinking as long as it didn’t get out of hand. A group of us, including the birthday girl, were in the hot tub, and started playing truth or dare, which of course evolved into the more mature version. After a couple of confessions and dared make out sessions, the birthday girl dared me to hand her my bathing suit, leaving me naked. I of course did not mind this turn of events, and happily ******** and handed them over. She took them and threw them right beside the door inside. Before the next dare was given, her mom walked outside in a bikini, saying that her husband had gone to bed and she wanted to enjoy the hot tub for a little while and asked if she could join us. The mom’s name was Jenny, and she was fine with us calling her that. Well Jenny was a pretty hot mom, so none of the guys were going to turn her away, and the girls knew that we were there and drinking on Jenny’s good graces, so we let her in, and everyone in the tub looked at me and smiled a little bit. There was one person between me and her, and that and the bubbles kept her in the dark as to my state of undress for a while. She settled in and asked how we all were doing, and then eventually asked what we had been talking about before she came out. Everybody kinda laughed and looked down, and eventually someone piped up “truth or dare.” Jenny laughed and asked if anybody had been naked yet. Everybody busted out laughing then, and I raised my hand.
Jenny had always been very friendly with me, always making a point to come and talk to me when I was coming over to see her daughter, and I always thought I had detected a bit of a flirtatious vibe when her husband wasn’t around. She laughed and said “well I’m sorry I missed that” and winked at me. Someone else popped up, and said, “You haven’t missed anything yet, Jenny, he’s still naked under the water, his suit is over there behind the door.”
She loved that and asked if it was her turn to give a dare. As it happened, she did sit next to her daughter, so she was next in line, so we agreed that it was her turn. She of course asked me, and I had to reply dare just to see how it would turn out, though I had a pretty good idea. She dared me to get up, get my suit, and bring it to her, then sit between her and her daughter. I agreed, and got applause from both mother and daughter as I stood out of the water, revealing everything. As I got back in the tub and handed my suit to her, she looked at her daughter and said “I take it you threw this on the deck to keep me and your father from seeing that you had ******** a guy out here?” She nodded yes, and Jenny stood up and threw the suit off of the deck, which was on the top floor, keeping me three floors from my clothes. The rest of which, I now realized, were still in my car across the street. The game actually continued after that. Someone did of course dare the birthday girl to get in her birthday suit, but they didn’t dare her to stay that way, so she ********, did a quick spin, then dived back under the water and put her bikini back on. Jenny apparently thought this was unfair, so when it came to be her turn, Jenny dared her daughter to stay naked til her birthday was over (it was Friday night, her birthday was actually Saturday). She got her revenge later when she dared her mom to get naked too, and Jenny was more than happy to join in the fun, especially since most of the people had left by then.
In the morning, I wondered if the two women would remember their respective dares to stay naked the next day (I had no clothes in the house, so I had no choice) and if they did, I wondered how the husband/father was going to react to this news. Sarah got up and started looking to get dressed and I reminded her of it, which she then remembered, as well as remembering mine and her mother’s as well. She wasn’t sure if she had to stick to it, or if her mother was, either. (I noticed there was no question if I was sticking to mine) She asked me to go find her mom and ask if she was going to do it. I searched and found Jenny in the kitchen, just as naked as she was the night before. “I guess this means I have to tell Sarah she’s going naked too, unless you’re just trying to seduce me.” Jenny laughed too, said her husband might not appreciate her seduction, so just to relay the message to Sarah that her husband had shooed all of our other friends away so that we could keep our promise.
Sarah was not pleased with the news, because in her words, “I’ll still have to walk around naked in front of my dad and brother!” I eventually calmed her down and walked her into the living room, where her mom was still in her birthday suit as well.
The rest of her family was a little nervous around us, and Sarah was trying to cover herself as best she could without being obvious about it. Her Dad was avoiding looking at her or me, but did spend a lot of time sneaking peeks at his wife out of the corner of his eye. Her brother, who was three years younger than us, was very interested in looking at naked women, but apparently felt bad about looking at his mom and sister that way. Jenny did not have an issue with it, walking around with complete ease and comfort. I was a little nervous around Sarah’s dad, but I persevered. Eventually, everyone got used to it, and I even think the brother was a little envious when we went in the pool, but he didn’t take off his shorts.
We spent the day like that, until Sarah and Jenny decided later that for her friends to come back over to finish the party, they should probably get dressed. When I made mention of me getting my clothes from my car, however, Sarah decided that she wanted me naked the whole time as her birthday present. I laughingly agreed. Not as many people showed up this time, and a lot of them were girls, who very much enjoyed my predicament. After another night of fun, they eventually let me get my clothes and go home.
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Same as other comment still great party

Wow, what a girlfriend and mother. You could not have been treated any better.