At Long Last - But Not All Day

I've never done it before. I told my wife the day before my birthday that I wanted to spend my birthday in my birthday suit. Since we're the only ones living in the house now, and we're long past the age where we have birthday parties, but not yet old enough to have birthday parties again, and we didn't expect any visitors, and I had no appointments outside, it wasn't much of a challenge.

I got up hours before she did, in the birthday suit I slept in, and puzzled how to pick up the newspaper from the end of our driveway in my birthday suit without either violating any state or local laws or risking hypothermia. I compromised: I wrapped myself in my bathrobe without actually putting it on.

Our mailbox is at the curb, but my wife solved that one by going out for the mail herself.

It was cold outside, and since we don't like to burn fuel unnecessarily, it's not warm inside when it's cold outside. I finally gave it up about 6 o'clock and changed out of my birthday suit by putting my bathrobe on.

Nothing sexual, embarrassing, harmful or unlawful happened. Aside from the special symbolism of a birthday in a birthday suit, it was just most of a day without clothes.
marty39 marty39
70+, M
Dec 7, 2012