Sort Of ..but Sort Of Not

(don't read this if you're really lonely and haven't a single friend, lol)

I have spent many new year's eves alone, but this year for the first time I had company online, on EP. I had one friend who stayed on and kept me chatting and laughing all the way up to midnight and after, and she made me feel not lonely even though I was alone. I should have been crying and feeling terrible like usual, but no.. not this time, because someone was there with me to keep me company and make the new year's eve a special happy time and not an especially lonely time. I am so grateful to my friend for being there with me in cyberspace keeping me dancing and laughing and not thinking about thingsss, lol. A friend is a truly wonderful gift.

Thank you to that wonderful friend. =)


TheLuckyHobo TheLuckyHobo
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3 Responses Dec 31, 2010

hahahaaha! your mum must have been amazed you had everything done so early! XD lol, and you're welcome and it's really deserved. =)

no, I was saying we sound like a couple of big soft idiots and we are! XD lololol. and no u areee the awesomezt! You got up early to clean the house so you could talk to me!!!! XD <br />
Everybody, this girl is a fantastic and wonderful person and a truly awesome friend, you should all add her! XD

d'awww! nooo u areeee! XP ( what do we sound like? >.> )